Just as I started to think I got myself figured, I found myself staring down a new path.. leading to an unknown destination..

Will you join me as I look to unlock more doors?

Hailing from Kolkata, a culturally gifted city of India, Sreyashi Mukherjee aka Sumi has always had music running deeply through the family blood. At the early of 8, though, she realized that her musical leanings were western oriented even as her family delved into rich complexities of Indian classical music. Thus began her solo journey to discover and appreciate popular and experimental genres of music from the western world, with evolving taste and passion over the years.

Drawing inspiration from role models across different musical genres, Sumi finds herself most at home singing blues, jazz and adult contemporary music while she continues to push boundaries with upcoming projects in ambient pop/jazz and electro-pop music. With new love discovered for composition, this singer-songwriter looks to discover herself to infinite lengths in this vast and beautiful world of music.